500 E. Davis construction

July 8, 2016 new-icon

Final punch-list items were reviewed and addressed by the construction contractor LR Hein.  Classes began as scheduled on July 5, 2016 without many incidents.  All was well at 500 E. Davis for the opening day of classes.  This will be the final construction blog report for 500 E. Davis St.  Next “project” will be to completely shutdown 1840 Oak Avenue location and remove all items there.  If you have been following us on this blog, thank you for your attention, if you have not been following, you have a bit of reading to do.  Cheers.

June 30, 2016 new-icon photos and video by Pawel Dubak and Sachin Patel

A ribbon cutting ceremony for 500 E. Davis was a smashing success.  Check out the video and photos.

<VIDEO Link>

Ribbon Cut 2Ribbon Cut 1


June 28, 2016

TVs are in – let the learning/fun begin!  All classrooms are now complete!  Classes will begin Tuesday July 5, 2016.  The final punchlist items are being worked on.  Check out all the photos right here!

OLLI Lobby OLLI Pantry OLLI Lobby 4OLLI Lg classroomOLLI Lobby 3OLLI Lobby 2


Week of June 12 – 20, 2016 new-iconphotos by Pawel Dubak & Sachin Patel

Audio and Video electronics are being installed this week and into next week.  Large 80″ & 90″ television screens are hung inside the classrooms for presentation use and more.  Ceiling speakers are also being installed for optimum sounds.

Internet and phone services have been installed last week and will continue into this week as the focus until our grand opening will be on classroom electronics, cleanup, and any outstanding items on the punchlists.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget,  we will be evacuating 1840 Oak Avenue with all furniture, fixtures, networking, and personnel into our 500 E. Davis facility during this week as well in preparation for our June 30th ribbon cutting ceremony at 500 E. Davis location.  July 5th is still the opening day for OLLI classes.

Take a look at what is being done in these exclusive First Look photos.

 TV install 3Lg TV 500

Hey fellas, – don’t drop it – Yikes!

TV install 2

BEFORE & AFTER photos – Two televisions installed, two more to go – Looking good!

tv installs 5 Tv installs

Ceiling Speakers are installed inside all classrooms.

Speakers install 1Speakers Installs 2


June 11, 2016

HOT!! New photos brought to you by your I.T. and Facilities group during the weekend.

IMG_5887 IMG_5876

The window treatments have been installed inside the classrooms paving the way for the classroom electronics to be installed during the week of June 20 through 29th.


The elevator lobby looks quite different too with some color on the wall and clean carpeting.


And yes! we finally have a front door to call our own!


Classroom signage has also arrived and is being installed.


An honorable mention and most notably, we see the refrigerator is still lurking in the hallways.  The bar area is shaping up.  Ladies and gentlemen, The sink is IN…let the fun BEGIN!

   IMG_5878  IMG_5877


June 3, 2016

Considerable progress has been made over the last week or so.  The projection is still on target for a July 5th opening.  Check out the latest photos as of 3pm today (6/3/2016).  Some

500 davis entrance cupboards lounge main lounge south

Our pantry area is shaping up too.  The microwave and fridge is awaiting installation.  Get in line folks.. the fun is just getting started in this bar…err…pantry area.

Fridge and Microwavepantry

One of the classrooms nearing completion; audio visual equpment will be installed the week of Jun 20, 2016 along with tables and chairs.



May 25, 2016

The latest photos are published below.  More has been done, but as you can see, there are still a number of items unfinished and undelivered yet as the month comes to a close, more deliveries are expected to arrive in June.  Items to be delivered on location : Window Shades, Electronics (TVs, network equipment), Dividing Wall Panels for the large classroom, and the Pantry Appliances.  We are also expecting to have phone and internet services installed by mid June.  Stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, the photos below are a first look at the partial installs of cupboards for our pantry area.  Countertops and additional cupboards are lining up to be installed.

IMG_0940 IMG_0942 IMG_0943 IMG_0939

Notice that we do have ceiling tiles and the lighting installed.  Now we see the light!

IMG_0935 IMG_0934 IMG_0936


May 17, 2016

Fire suppression systems were installed prior to the full installation of the ceiling grid tiles.  Some “can” lighting were installed as well and yes, the walls have more color too.  Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.  (click on each photo to enlarge on your screen)

IMG_4588 IMG_4599 IMG_4602 IMG_4601

The electrical has been roughed int the walls and some power outlets and switches were installed.  Here is the pantry area with some painted walls, water pipes, and space for our fridge and future countertops.

IMG_4603   IMG_4604-1


May 6, 2016

Considerable progress has been made as the construction build-out forges onward.  We are still on track to open in July 2016.  Ceiling tiles and grids are being installed along with some lighting.

IMG_4362 IMG_4410 IMG_4411 IMG_4392

Classrooms, offices and hallway space are beginning to take form as well.  Ladies and Gentlemen, yes, your eyes do not deceive you – purple paint has been painted on the walls!  Far out!  Go Wildcats!

IMG_4355 IMG_4358 IMG_4359 IMG_4396 IMG_4392 IMG_4381

These two photos are the dividing wall track installed on the ceiling in the large divisible classroom that will hold dividing panels to separate the classroom into two classrooms.  Panels will be arriving in mid-June and will hang from this track.


Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


April 29, 2016

About 95% of the drywall is complete.  The ceiling grid hangers are underway with the expectation that the ceiling grid will be hung next week.  The remaining drywalling, taping, and sanding is nearing completion so perhaps next week all of the drywall will be done.  As you can see from the photos, the progress is swift.  The first photo is the reception area once you enter into the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute space immediately to the right of the elevators.  The remaining photos are the bare hallways and classrooms.   More updates to come as they become available.

IMG_0843 IMG_0844 IMG_0847 IMG_0849


These two photos are of the divisible classroom.  Notice that on the RIGHT photo on the ceiling (gray color) is the track to guide the dividing walls.  It is this room that can either be separated into two classrooms or used as one large room once completed.


The photo below is where our pantry/kitchen will be with a countertop, fridge, and microwave.


April 22, 2016

Drywall is going up and WOW does this place look different.  Once the approved PERMIT was posted, little time has been wasted.  Here are the most recent photos- as you can see, plumbing was on the list for our pantry/kitchen area as well as the voice and data cabling to begin building and connecting.  We are tentatively projecting a completion date for this buildout to be open for our July 2016 classes.  More updates as they become available.  Check these progress photos below.

IMG_0819 IMG_0824 IMG_0823IMG_0831

Below are the voice and data cabling that will “power” the digital signages, computers, and wifi, along with the television screens that will be in the classrooms. (white cabling)

IMG_0827  IMG_0830  IMG_0828

The plumbing for the pantry/kitchen area has also been installed! (copper piping below for water).



April 15, 2016

The build PERMIT for construction has been approved and received! Here is a photo of the build PERMIT.  This will be posted in the elevator lobby.


The PERMIT is hung immediately in the elevator lobby as you get off the elevator.  (See the BLUE signs on the wall? This shows we are now “legit” per Evanston city code and ready to build!)


Majority of the raw materials (drywall boards, doors, ceiling tiles) have arrived onsite to be used to build our space.  Since we did not have the build PERMIT, these were sitting here pending PERMIT approval.  Now we can ROCK-n-ROLL!! and begin the build-out beginning Saturday (4/16/2016)….CHARGE!!!

raw_matirials_1 raw_matirials_2 raw_matirials_3

April 8, 2016

Our latest OAC (Owner, Architect, Contractor) meetings yielded some exciting photos with the space.  Slowly but surely, the framing of the walls are going up.  (See the photos below.)  We are still awaiting for the completion of the Building Permit to be processed by the city of Evanston and should expect to hear more updates regarding our permit by next week.  For now, the drywall is expected to arrive Saturday (4/9) while the ceiling tiles will arrive onsite on Monday (4/11).  None of these materials may be installed while the Building Permit is still under review.

Yes, the place doesn’t look like much now; however, this is just the beginning…Stay tuned.

IMG_0806 IMG_0802 IMG_0800 IMG_0798 IMG_0796 IMG_0795 IMG_0794 IMG_0793-2

March 28, 2016

The Construction company who will head up our 500 E. Davis Street project is:

LR Hein Construction : They will be the general contractor with sub contracting to the trades per building owner; More information about LR Hein may be found on their website – www.lrhein.com

The first kickoff meeting to discuss materials and meet and greet the team was on Friday March 25, 2016 on the 8th floor of 500 E. Davis Street.  We had to pick out carpet and wall colors, fabric color of the dividing walls, window treatments and more.   More information will become available as details emerge.   For now, here were some samples of the swatches.  To enlarge these photos, click onto the images.

To enlarge these photos, click onto the images.

IMG_0752 IMG_0751 IMG_0750 IMG_0749 IMG_0754

January 6, 2016 – New plans for 500 E. Davis Street.

New plans for our Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) in Evanston are underway!  The new location for OLLI in Evanston will be at 500 E. Davis St.  We are expecting to have the Construction Documents completed and ready to review soon – once these documents are printed out, our General Contractors will be selected and construction will begin.


The new space will be located on the 7th floor of 500 E. Davis and will be over 5,200 sq ft.  There will be underground parking, ample restaurants in the area, and one block south of 405 Church street (SPS Mansion).   Inside, there will be four meeting rooms, a lounge area, reception area, a pantry/kitchen, staff offices, and a collapsible conference room(s).

There is nothing in the space right now, as this is a build-out.  See the image below to check out what is really there now.  Kind of boring….


When completed, we anticipate the space to look something like this.  <Click onto the image below to have an expanded view of our new space.>

Birds EyeView Layout

Week of November 10 Wieboldt Hall 7th and 8th Floor DEMOLITION

Dear SPS Community;

Here are some highlight photos of the current status of the demolition of Wieboldt Hall 7th and 8th floors.  Remember, only Authorized Personnel are permitted onto these floors.  (If you happen to get lost on these floors, you will need a hardhat and safety glasses.)

(7th floor -(LEFT) hallway facing south; (CENTER) hallway facing north; (RIGHT) room 703, 704, 703abcd with no walls)

Facing South on 7th FL Facing North on 7th Fl703 abcd 704

SPS Facilities Updates

August, 2016 new-icon

Summer classes has officially concluded but the work goes on!  Check out new wall photos on the 4th, 5th, and 7th floors of Wieboldt Hall!

<photo #1>

Our mansion is also getting a much needed facelift;  during the months of August and September 2016 paint work will begin on the exterior windows and patio.  The long harsh winters have taken its toll on the mansion wood so a fresh coat of paint along with new sealant will reinvigorate the look.  Shortly thereafter, there will be interior work (2nd & 3rd floor new carpeting; along with repainting of walls), stay tuned for these photos.

July 8, 2016 new-icon

The month of July marks the Grand Opening of our new Osher Lifelong Learning Institute facilities in Evanston.  500 E. Davis 7th floor.  There was a ribbon cutting ceremony and everything.  Check out the photos and information at: http://updates.sps.northwestern.edu/

Copy and paste the URL into a browser for more details.

June 29, 2016

All carpeting for the 1st floor is complete.  The classroom was the last remaining area and that room was completed in mid June; somewhat later than expected.  Nevertheless, the room looks great!  Notice that along with new carpeting, there is also new furniture too – if you look closely though, does the furniture look somewhat familiar – perhaps maybe looks like the ones from Wieboldt hall? Hmmm…. Yes, these were “extra” tables that were not being used so we reassigned them to be used elsewhere instead of sitting in storage.  Not too shabby, says Dear Abby…!

405 Church classroom completed

June 2, 2016

The Mansion’s (405 Church St.) kitchen and conference room flooring is now complete.  The classroom flooring will begin on Friday June 3rd.  Sachin had sent an email out to those currently working at the Mansion with specific dates.  Here is the abbreviated email notes with some dates and action items:

Friday 6/3 – 7:30 AM – Movers to move out classroom 101, 104, and small area in common area.

Friday 6/3 – 9:00 AM – Carpet installation at 101, 104, and, common area to start.

Saturday 6/4 – 6:00 AM – Carpet installation to finish at 101, 104, and, common area.

Monday 6/6 – 7:30 AM – Movers move back 101, 104, and, common area.

by Monday June 6, 2016 – all areas should be completed.

405 kitchen conf room partial 1

Carpeting materials are lining up outside the classroom awaiting installation!  Hold steadfast, the installs will be happening soon enough!

classroom materials lining up

Here is the classroom progress as of 1pm today (6/3/2016).  Looking good so far.  In case you were wondering, there is hardwood flooring underneath the carpeting; however, the carpet installers noticed that some areas of the hardwood floors underneath were repaired with non-hardwood or with …?concrete? (don’t ask why, we saw this when the carpeting was pulled up)…yikes.

underneath hardwood

Nevertheless, we believe the joint will look quite spiffy once completed and that is scheduled for this Monday June 6, 2016.

classroom in progress 1


May 31, 2016

As mentioned in March of this year, we will be getting new flooring at our Mansion (405 Church St. Evanston).  Here are the latest progress photos. Areas to install new flooring are: (classroom, conference room, kitchen).  As classes are still in session, a first look of the kitchen and conference room progress.

20160526_155317 (2)

20160526_155112 (2)

April 15, 2016

Finally! The  lobby on the 8th-floor ceiling is complete.  Check out the newly installed lighting and wood panels.  If you haven’t gotten a chance to come to Wieboldt Hall 8th floor , stop by to have a look.  Nuff said!

8th floor

March 28, 2016 new-icon

New flooring will be installed at our 405 Church (Mansion) location.  The classroom, conference room, and the kitchen.  New carpeting will be for the classroom and conference room areas and the kitchen will receive a faux wood flooring similar to that flooring in our Abbott Hall 3rd floor location.  While there are no pictures yet, stay tuned and more details will follow.

March 7, 2016

Delivery of the new lounge furniture on the 7th floor hallways expands the student workspaces.  Especially now since the LOOP classrooms are closed and we’ve opened up new classrooms on the 7th floor.  The lounge room immediately off the elevators is also an added workspace for those who arrive early to class and want a conference type table for collaboration.  IMO, lookin’ mighty nice.

hallway 7 S IMG_0538

February 24, 2016

Beginning sometime in March, there will be delivery and installation of new lounge and hallway furniture for the SPS community to use.   Located on the newly renovated 7th floor of Wieboldt Hall, the new furniture will “complete” the look and provide more community space for Faculty and Students.  Stop by the hallowed halls to check it out…OR come back to this site to see the pictures – either way these new fixtures will look stunning.

January 31, 2016

Now that the 6th, 7th, and 8th floors of Wieboldt Hall are completed; the LOOP location shutdown; 3rd floor of Abbott Hall is fully renovated we turn our attention to 405 Church Street.  Some/all of the salvaged carpeting from Abbott Hall 3rd floor swing space (less than 1 year old) will be used to redo the conference room and classroom in 405 Church.  We are also looking at redoing the kitchen flooring to update the look.  Hold tight, we will keep you updated to the progress of this initiative.

December 14, 2015 – 4th and 5th floors Wieboldt Hall

In case you did not notice, there’s something new on the walls near the restrooms.  While there is not a municipality code pertaining to these, there’s something to be said about experiential learning especially for myself… It was really tough for me to get around particularly through any doors because I had crutch(es) – (for those who don’t know, I had reconstructive knee surgery… glad that is over, but I am still in physical therapy).   I admit it, these were installed from a “centric” point of view and this served multiple constituents (faculty and students alike- especially OLLI students).

Please have a look and feel free to stop by and tell me what you think.  Selfish or not?

IMG_0476 IMG_0383

November 10, 2015 – 8th floor Wieboldt hall Lobby

Our 8th floor signage  is finally installed on the 8th floor Lobby.  Looks cool!  There will also be an overhang wood “awning” with six (6) dimmable LED lights, (that’s why there is plastic on the ceiling), electricians are sizing up and will be installing this soon.

8th lobby signage

September 21, 2015 – Classes begin inside our new classrooms on the 7th floor of Wieboldt Hall!

Nuff said!  Check out the RENOVATION tab on this blog (updates.sps.northwestern.edu) for more photos and news!

August 31, 2015 –

A lot of moves happening in August and into September 2015.  Abbott Hall occupants have moved back into Wieboldt Hall, internal Wieboldt Hall 6th floor moves throughout the campuses and is currently playing musical chairs within the building as well.  Professional Development personnel will begin their move back into Wieboldt Hall and Distance Learning along with Enrollment Advisors will begin their move into Abbott Hall 3rd floor by mid November 2015.  Whew!  Check all these blogs for further updates to all moves and changes with respect to Facilities and Information Technologies within SPS.

July 15, 2015 – AED update

All AED’s have been installed in Wieboldt Hall and 405 Church Street.  These are located next to elevators and the majority of individuals have received CPR and AED training!  Additional training will be forthcoming soon.

April 20, 2015 – Abbott Hall signage

We are finally official! Check out the new signage on the first floor lobby of Abbott Hall! (click on picture to expand)

Abbott Lobby signage

March 6, 2015 – Daylight Saving Time reminder – begins MARCH 8, 2015 SUNDAY

Reminder to set your clock AHEAD one hour on Sunday March 8, 2015.

March 4, 2015 – Daylight Saving Time begins March 8, 2015

March 8, 2015 is daylight saving time – so SPRING AHEAD one hour. All of our Classroom clocks will be adjusted one hour ahead during the weekend. Your computers and mobile devices should be self-correcting; if not, please contact the helpdesk at x3-3333 for assistance.

March 2, 2015 – Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) installation  COMING SOON!-

SPS has been given approval to install several AEDs in Wieboldt Hall (floors 4,5,6,7,8)  and 405 Church Street (1st floor).  One of the university criteria is to place AED units where our retired learners congregate mostly.  We are planning to speak with the property management group  of 1840 Oak Avenue (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute – OLLI) to see if placement of these units are feasible or acceptable on the 2nd floor.   The casing of one of these units is shown below.

AED Casing


February 19, 2015 – 1840 Oak Avenue ENTRANCE signage

This sign looks a lot better in person.   We are now able to see our School and Institute name from the street level! The nice purple background with the white lettering works nicely!

1840 Oak Ave ENTRANCE


February 11, 2015 – New digital signage displays in Wieboldt Hall

For those who have not seen it, we got new digital signage monitors to freshen up the look of our Wieboldt Hall lobby.  The other monitor screens were 50″ (diagonal) plasma displays and both screens were experiencing burn-in with faded images in the displays.  These newer monitors are not Plasma but LCD screens and have a sharper more defined image.  The diagonal measurements are 55″ with a “pop” look to highlight the School of Professional Studies in the Lobby!  If you have not seen them, while these images are below, you gotta see these in person.

Lobby Digital Sign ILobby Digital Sign II


December 15, 2015 – Wieboldt Hall elevator shutdown REMINDER . . .

As a reminder. . . .
During December 24 Wednesday through Monday December 29, 2014, BOTH central elevator cabs will be shut down for critical life-safety checks, inspections, and power maintenance. These will insure that the elevators are able to sustain people and weight requirements during material transport.
If you are expecting guests in Wieboldt Hall, it is expected for those who need to access the 6th floor (faculty, students, staff, visitors) during Dec. 24 through Dec. 29 (Wed. through Mon.), to take the South Wieboldt Hall elevators located near the Superior Street entrance up to the 4th floor and then take the stairwell to the 6th floor.
We apologize for this major inconvenience, this time schedule was the only extended time available that would impact the least number of occupants because both elevator cabs are needed to be off-line simultaneously.


November 25, 2014 – Shutdown of non-essential electrical devices during the long Thanksgiving break.

As we enter into the long holiday breaks and weekends, the recommendation is that we should shutdown and turn-off all computer monitors and log-off the network.  All non-essential electronic equipment such as copiers, printers, and office lighting, just to name a few, should be turned off at the end of business day of Wednesday November 26.

This will help save electricity, extend equipment life, and help in mitigating virus attacks. Further, don’t forget to lock all offices and office doors as well.   Thank you in advance for your cooperation and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving break.

November 20, 2014 – “New” signage in computer lab (Wieboldt Hall room 413) – (actually this signage was re-purposed but it still looks good!)

Check out our Computer Lab! (See below)  We found a use case for our Wieboldt hallway signage.  It was repurposed and mounted onto the walls within our computer lab –  so now the wall looks like new…again!

WH 413 signage


November 14, 2014 – the new National Resource Center for the Osher Lifelong Institutes layout

Here is the Birds-Eye-View of the new National Resource Center (NRC) area in Lydian Lounge.  Check them out below!

Option A Lydian Lounge<= Bird’s Eye View of the Lydian Lounge Space (Click onto the link for the overview)


NRC signage front <= (LEFT) NRC signage in front of Lydian Lounge room 317


NRC workspaces <= (LEFT) One of three Workspace Views

NRC Conference Room <= (LEFT) Conference Room within Lydian Lounge


November 12, 2014 – Elevator REMINDER: during December 24 Wednesday through Sunday December 28, 2014, BOTH central elevator cabs will be shutdown for critical life-safety checks,  inspections, and power maintenance.  These will insure that the elevators are able to sustain people  and weight requirements during material transport.  There will be further updates and notifications as the December dates draws closer.  It is expected that those who need to access the 6th floor (faculty, students, staff, visitors) during Dec. 24 through Dec. 28 (Wed. through Sun.), to take the South Wieboldt Hall elevators located near the Superior Street entrance up to the 4th floor and then take the stairwell to the 6th floor.

We apologize for this major inconvenience, this time schedule was the only extended time available that would impact the least number of occupants because both elevator cabs are needed to be off-line simultaneously.


November 10, 2014 – National Resource Center (NRC) coming to Wieboldt Hall!

National Resource Center (NRC) will be located on the 3rd (Third) floor in Wieboldt Hall inside the Lydian Lounge area!

SPS- Technology updates from SPS-IT

August 31, 2016 new-icon

I.T. has completed the software upgrades to 95% of the shared server drives.  There should not have been any interruptions as this upgrade occurred; unless you ignored all the email messages about the maintenance cycles.  Maintenance cycles will continue on Fridays weekly to finalize the work and as September classes begin, these maintenance cycles will be bi-monthly.

Lastly, we all are eagerly awaiting the release and announcement of Apple’s new iPhone 7.  September 7, 2016 Wednesday is the expected announcement and live streams.  We hope to be able to test one of these devices when these are shipped (scheduled for later in September or early October 2016).

July 31, 2016 new-icon

Regularly scheduled maintenance is happening throughout the summer months and into September 2016 before the start of classes.  The I.T. team has busily been upgrading the shared server infrastructure with a consulting company to maximize the capabilities of server services.  Consolidation of non-essential server hardware and software along with software upgrades is a priority for this coming fiscal year.

June 16, 2016

Last week there were two (2) major I.T. and audio-visual conferences happening.  The first was called UBTech that explored exciting educational technologies happening within Higher Ed institutions and the second was called Infocomm that announced new audio and new video technologies within the industry.  We took some new ideas back and will be brainstorming these new and amazing tech.

One tech gadget was from Crestron in the world of digital signage.  The existing digital signage technologies that we have in Wieboldt Hall hallways may be extended to use with classroom signage.  Not only will this electronic sign display classroom schedules outside the classroom doors, but will also show if the room is occupied or vacant, allow for remote and automatic updates via a web interface, and may allow for walk-up bookings.

Crestron Room signage


May 10, 2016

Similar to last year, SPS-IT and Facilities will be doing a LIVE video stream from the beautiful Auditorium Theatre for our 2016 SPS Convocation for all graduating Students and Guests!  The ceremony will take place at 1pm Central time.  Here is an exciting preview of the stage of the Auditorium Theatre venue.  Of course, being there live is second to none; however, if you are not able to participate, a live video stream will be available online.  URL to be announced for this live stream soon, for now, here is the stage view – wow, impressive.  (click onto the image to enlarge on your screen)



April 1, 2016

As you may or may not know, NU has available a home version of Microsoft Office 2016 software for you to buy by either downloading or selecting a CD for you to use at home.  This is the HOME USE PROGRAM designed for Faculty and Staff to use by loggin with your NU NETID.  Students have a different version of this program available to them.  The URL is : http://www.it.northwestern.edu/software/microsoft/secure/home-use.html

But wait there’s more, Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, & 10 along with Microsoft Project and Visio 2016 as well as the Mac version of Office 2016 is also available.  While this blog only mentions Microsoft products, there are other software that is available too, so check out the URL by copying and pasting it above in your browser and order away!


March 14, 2016

Daylight Saving Time is in full swing today Monday March 14, 2016.  Your computer’s clock time should have automatically adjusted for this change.  To see if the computer did the time adjustment, go to the system tray (lower right corner of your screen) and check out the time.  If the system tray clock is incorrect, please contact us (via phone @ x3-3333 OR via email  sps-it@northwestern.edu OR via a trouble-ticket helpdesk.sps.northwestern.edu) and we can dispatch someone to check out your computer.

February 29, 2016

SPS-IT has completed our digital signage upgrades and have also added QR codes into the mix for our on-campus students.  These QR codes will assist all those who are here with classroom assignments both in the morning and evenings as way finders through our hallowed hallways.  There is also signage posted onto the classroom doors.  This is but one B.Y.O.D. (bring-your-own-device) initiatives within SPS-IT and Facilities area as we plan and implement more in the coming fiscal year.

IMG_0595 IMG_0596

Secondly, if you have not seen our digital signs, check them out, so don’t be shy, don’t walk by, the graphics are quite appealing to the eye and pops at you.

IMG_0592 IMG_0594 IMG_0586IMG_0585IMG_0589IMG_0590

January 31, 2016

As you may or may not know, SPS has an adjusted model of service support for our faculty, students, and staff at the help service desk.  Because of the explosive growth of online learning here at SPS, it was important to be available to our customers more than than normal business hours.

We are open SEVEN (7) days from Monday through Sunday from 8am through 12midnight Central Time to service you. There are three methods to reach us:

  1. by Phone : 312-503-3333
  2. by Email : sps-it@northwestern.edu
  3. by Trouble Ticket : helpdesk.sps.northwestern.edu/

November 10, 2015 – DELL v. HP

Dell’s purchase of EMC corporation is the big news along with Hewlett Packard’s (HP) split of their Printer/PC division from their Server/Storage/Professional Services divisions.  A major turning point for HP as their profitable Printer division will be standing along from other products within HP.  Only time will tell if this split will bear fruit for HP.  As for Dell’s purchase, this gives Dell the ability to now compete in the “Cloud” sphere.  Cloud computing is a reality and no longer considered a fad.  EMC’s major component is storage and as Dell user’s know (such as us), we can never have too little or too much storage space (closet or data files)!

Interestingly enough, for those who noticed, SPS will continue to be a DELL shop as the majority of our desktop computers and remaining servers within SPS are DELL.  The preferred majority of printers is HP brand and a portion of our cloud storage is HP with the other portion DELL.  Time will tell which vendor wins out.

September 30, 2015 – BIG DATA Analytics initiative underway

Over the next few months, SPS-IT will be building several database storage servers for our PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS program to use and incorporate within these courses.  Languages such as “R”, “Python”, MongoDB, PostgreSQL are among a few that students and faculty alike can use as a sandbox to play in.  The completion of these builds will be in multiple phases so stay tuned for further details.

August 31, 2015 – Microsoft Corporation news and SPS

Yep, Microsoft Corporation has quietly rolled out Windows 10 with little fanfare. As you may or may not know, the geniuses at Microsoft will fuse Windows 8 technology with Windows 7 technology to bring us Windows 10!  Most significant is that Windows 10 will have a START button again – unlike Windows 8, there was no place for the beloved START button.

Other Microsoft News involves the Office productivity suite Office 2016.   September 22, 2015 is the “official” launch of Office 2016.   Why “official” is in quotes is because for those who have volume licensing with Microsoft such as Northwestern does, our official date to begin download and loading is October 1, 2015.  Stay tuned for more info on our move.  Official Microsoft support for Office 2010 will end October 13, 2015 as SPS-IT will load your computers with Office 2013.  Again, we are testing compatibility with Office 2016 before we launch or install it on your office computers.

July 16, 2015 –  Finally! -the encore presentation of the SPS Convocation Ceremony is now ONLINE!

Check out the encore presentation of our SPS Convocation at the historic Chicago Theater.  You can see it now in its entirety on YouTube or on our SPS site.  Here is the link that is on our SPS site:


OR on YouTube


June 15, 2015 – Windows 10

As we’ve heard in the media and perhaps from the Web Buzz, that Microsoft will be officially launching their coveted next Windows Operating System (OS) as the successor to Windows 8 – it is called …… drum roll please …… Windows 10!

Why is it not Windows NINE you ask?  Well, good question.  Here is one of many articles related to this official launch.



(click onto either of these two links above OR simply copy this URL into your browser for more info on the Microsoft Windows 10 OS and launch.)

SPS will NOT be upgrading our computers to Windows 10….just yet.  While the official date of Windows 10 is July 29, 2015, we are testing and experimenting with this OS to see if there will be compatibility issues with our Enterprise Systems and any applications that SPS uses.  So in the meantime, if you use a PC desktop, we will continue to use Windows 7 until further notice.

April 20, 2015 – BIG DATA “warehousing” is HERE!

MongoDB and PostgreSQL databases are now LIVE on the newly deployed BIG DATA warehouse.  Our Master’s in Predictive Analytics program will be the first users of this data where faculty and students may access live BIG DATA to do research, sandbox, and run searches within the database sets.  With over one year of planning and many meetings, the reality of having access to BIG DATA has finally come to life.

January 7, 2015 – Infrastructure update

Plans are moving ahead with what we call a Hadoop (pronounced “HA – DOOP”) infrastructure to support our Predictive Analytics; Information Systems; Business Analytics and possibly our Informatics programs.  This new infrastructure will allow for faculty and students to gain access to “big data” and perform some sandbox data processing in a more efficient and faster manner.  The goal of this technology is to process huge amounts of data across inexpensive old servers without limits.

In other words, we are reusing the old servers taken out of service because we have gone to the way of cloud computing (from an earlier blog) and combined these servers together (called clustering) and used them for a new purpose – namely Hadoop.   We are not buying new servers and at the same time, we are reusing the old servers….So how’s that for recycling hardware.

To put this into use case perspectives; Twitter used big-data to collect the mounds of data processed in its social media sphere. (Singh, 2013) The LAPD used big-data to develop crime prediction techniques from the collected data while the Durham police used big-data to investigate and possibly stop insurance fraud.  (van Rijmenam, 2014)  Financial institutions used big-data to examine the customer experience and assess risk. (Nemschoff, 2014)

Although we are not in these industries, we do have students and faculty from these industries who may benefit from the use of this Hadoop technology within SPS.  By the way, once the infrastructure implementation is complete, SPS will be the only School within Northwestern to have this game changing advantage for our students to use.


Singh, A. (2013) Hadoop real life use case & mapreduce details. Retrieved from http://www.slideshare.net/AnjuSingh16/hadoop-real-life-use-case-mapreducehadoop-reallifecase

van Rijmenam, M. (2014, April 23). The Los Angeles police department predicts and fights crime with big data.  Retrieved from http://smartdatacollective.com/bigdatastartups/196641/los-angeles-police-department-predicts-and-fights-crime-big-data

Nemschoff, M. (2014, July 20). Banking on hadoop: 7 use cases for hadoop in finance. Retrieved from http://smartdatacollective.com/michelenemschoff/212561/banking-hadoop-7-use-cases-hadoop-finance


November 25, 2014 – Extended Helpdesk Hours Update and More….

Good News!  There is now an executed contract between Northwestern University School of Professional Studies and Acxiom Help Services to provide extended helpdesk phone coverage to our Faculty and Students after hours!  Calls will be answered between Monday through Sunday (Seven Days a week) from 8am through Midnight (Central Time Zone).   We are anticipating that calls will begin routing into Acxiom in the month of December as Spring Quarter Exams begin.   So you are aware, SPS is the First and Only School within Northwestern University to have this type of expanded service.

SPS-IT have continued our transition and consolidation of Servers (that you may know as our shared-drives) into cloud-based technologies.   By the end of December 2014, SPS will be fully “cloudified” – meaning that there will not be any more need to purchase server hardware equipment to run our shared-drives (i.e. H:; K:; or X: drives) for the foreseeable future.  (This is about a $20K USD cost savings annually on server hardware.)   Expect no delays nor interruptions as a project that took two years of planning and implementation is now coming to completion – with some equipment still powered-on at our 1801 Maple server room, once these are off, our migration into the cloud will be complete.   More importantly, our “cloud-ification” efforts makes way for the demolition on the 8th floor of Wieboldt Hall (where one of two server rooms were) in favor of much needed office workspaces.   For 1801 Maple server room, that room will be decommissioned and equipment dismantled.    Kudos and Stars to the SPS team and all who made this project and others happen!

Below is a picture of the consolidated server hardware infrastructure (servers from 339 E. Chicago and 1801 Maple) inside the NUIT Data Center in Evanston – while there are many racks pictured, only a portion of the racks are our shared-drives.  Other servers inside these racks are part of other NU systems.  (BELOW)

Data Center where SPS moved


November 5, 2014 – Extended Helpdesk Telephone hours Coming Soon!

Plans are progressing for an extended Helpdesk Telephone hours for our Faculty and Students.  The new extended hours will be:

Monday through Sunday beginning at 8am through midnight Central Time. (Seven Days a week) 

Contract negotiations are still pending between our Northwestern University Office of General Counsel and our new partners Acxiom.  (To learn more about our partnership with Acxiom, here is the link: http://www.acxiomit.com/services/data-center/service-desk/ ).


October 6, 2014- Information Technology Updates

Dear SCS Community,
There are some interesting new technological developments and recaps to share within the exciting world of Information Technology (IT).

Over the last year (FY14), The School of Professional Studies Information Technologies (SPS-IT) and Northwestern University Center for Public Safety Information Technologies (NUCPS-IT) planned a server infrastructure relocation and consolidation. As of today, 95% of our SPS/NUCPS servers are leveraging the use of cloud technologies and relocated from the Wieboldt Hall Chicago building into the Northwestern University (NU) Evanston data center. The remaining 5% of SPS/NUCPS servers will be migrated into the NU data center by end of this 2014 calendar year. Aside from having improved physical and virtual security, the realized benefit of the vacated server room space from Wieboldt Hall, will be renovated in FY15 for additional office spaces.

Smartphone devices and social media were a large part of the technological industry shift to a B.Y.O.D. (bring-your-own-device) and the consumerization of IT; plans included in FY14 were to develop a user friendly experience through useful web interfaces and customer centric service points. Services such as student wireless printing, streaming online videos (i.e. Streaming convocation, MediaSite video recordings), and remote desktop support has been integrated into the infrastructure and will continue to evolve into FY15.

The availability of MS Office Professional Plus 2013 products, for PCs, which included the productivity suite of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more for home personal use, was available through the NUIT website under the software tab. The SPS-IT recommendation was not to officially load university owned PC desktops or laptops with MS Office 2013 because of the limited benefits MS Office 2013 has to offer was not significant enough to warrant a disruption to the community for the upgrade. However, if the business need is to have Office 2013 installed, after approval from an immediate supervisor is given, please feel free to contact someone from I.T. to perform the upgrade. The Mac versions (named Office 2014) are not available yet.

In FY14, SPS-IT helpdesk support had more than 5560+ technical related requests received through phone calls, emails, or the ticketing system (HESK). (3185 phone calls, 1698 emails, 678 tickets). The current hours of SPS-IT operations are Monday through Thursday from 8a-8p with Friday and Saturday from 8a-4p Central Time by calling the helpline, emailing, or opening a trouble ticket (312-503-3333, SPS-IT@northwestern.edu, or http://helpdesk.scs.northwestern.edu/) respectively. Requests received peaked between the hours of 10am to 2pm Central Time on the weekdays; however, requests for help were received around the clock as calls, emails, and tickets began as early as 5a and continued well into the later midnight hours (Central Time) throughout the week. There are plans to expand help desk support coverage beyond the 8pm Central Time hour. More details on helpdesk expansion will be announced as more information becomes available in FY15.

As the technological innovation wheel continues to turn, these improvements were but a sliver of what happened and what will continue to happen into FY15, as the goal is to provide a superior customer service experience for all who may contact the SPS-IT helpdesk. In addition, a focused eye will be on the individual consumer as that will be paramount on the list as we move forward through FY15 and beyond.

Wieboldt Hall and Abbott Hall Renovation updates

June 13 & 14, 2015 Saturday and Sunday Roofing work

In case you all missed it this weekend, there was a lot of roof work done in preparation for our new Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) move onto the Wieboldt Hall roof.  Chicago Avenue was shutdown and concrete trucks pumped concrete up to the roof to make a solid slab of concrete so that the new HVAC will be able to crane-lifted up here (end of June 2015).  Check out the newly poured concrete!  We risked life and limb to get you this magnificent aerial shot.  My, makes you want to take a nice long metal pipe and write your name on it – IMO, I do…

roof 2

Week of June 1 through June 5, 2015 – drywall of 6th, 7th, and 8th floors and more

What a far cry from May 8th blog posting here.  As you can see, the SOUTH hallway of the 6th floor is taking shape.  The unisex toilet room is being reconstructed.  For those who remember, this was a shower room with toilets but only for men.  The future toilet room in this space will be for all – as you enter and use the toilet – remember to lock the door behind you.  (Note: There will not be any showers in this newly designed toilet room.)

Toilet room

This area will be the designated faculty/staff meeting area – staff may also use this area for work purposes if in the building and need a computer or work space.

drywall up

7th & 8th floor drywalling and painting

7th floor paint 1


May 27, 2015 – 7th floor partial drywall –

7th Lobby facing S 7th Lobby facing SE 7th Lobby facing NORTH hall

May 21, 2015 – 6th floor North offices – Stained Glass Removed and Preserved

In case you did not notice, the stained glass in the 6th floor North offices and conference rooms were removed.  Rest assured, these will return when the new windows are installed.  The removal was necessary to insert the stained glass into the new windows and preserve them and this is being done in the factory.  For those who have stained-glass withdrawal, here are the pictures of these stained glass.

Stained Patten Gym IStained NU 1851 bookStained School of Commerce bldgStained Ward bldgStained Old College bldg


May 8, 2015 – 8th, 7th, and 6th floor updates for Wieboldt Hall

Our 6th floor SOUTH hallway renovation is in full swing – some of the windows are installed, while dry-wall framing, radiator demolition, and electrical are being worked on.  Remember, we’ll also have a fresh coat of paint, new carpeting, and a new unisex toilet will also be installed!

The 7th and 8th floors are truly different now because we have now frames for our walls – Not to mention that the entire 7th and 8th floor have new windows installed too.  There will be new men’s and women’s restrooms on the 7th floor with our new classroom space that opens up to a large gathering space!  Can’t wait to see it all when completed!  In the meantime, check out the latest photos of each floor.

6th floor SOUTH hallway – See what is happening on the OTHER side of the wooden door on the 6th floor.  The unisex restroom is underway (photo with BLUE trashcan); the floor was raised up about One inch and the concrete had to be shaved to level that room down; hence the rugged terrain on the floor.  Rest assured, this toilet room will be magnificent once it is completed…errr as magnificent as a toilet room can be of courses…

6th floor other side of door i6th floor other side of door ii6th floor TOILET

7th floor – first look at the framed walls –
The LAST photo is the BONUS photo – it is a FIRST look at the newly installed Windows and Heaters (under the windows and uncovered) for 7th and 8th floors (How exciting!)

7th lobby framed walls7th framed III7th framed II7th Large Conf Room7th floor lobby iiWindows and Radiators


8th floor

8th lobby8th floor framed ii

Here are BEFORE and AFTER photos of the 8th floor Mezzannine area (where the HVAC equipment was).  This area had a major steel addition with new supporting steel beams for the Wieboldt roof initiative.  The majority of the mechanicals from this area was moved onto the roof so renovation for our 8th floor area was possible.

BEFORE (LEFT photo) – – AFTER concrete reinforcements (RIGHT photo) what a difference

Eighth WEST closeup Steel8th floor STEEL beams reinforced


Week of April 26 through May 1, 2015 – Wieboldt Hall 6th floor SOUTH hallway –

Wow, now that looks really different!  This is what was under the SOUTH hallway carpeting.  Offices did not have the checkered tiles under the carpeting, seems only the SOUTH hallway.  These tiles will be removed in favor of new carpeting.

6 FL SOUTH hall NO carpet I6 FL SOUTH hall NO carpet II6 FL SOUTH hall NO carpet III rooms

April 20, 2015 – Wieboldt Hall 6th floor SOUTH hallway update –

Sealing off for the 6th floor SOUTH hallway for renovation – to be reopened in September 2015 – STAY TUNED! – HardHat area – Nuff said!



Week of April 12 through April 17, 2015

The 6th floor SOUTH hallway and adjoining offices has been relocated throughout the College and Campuses.  Contact your fellow staff members to see where they may be located – the majority are located within Wieboldt Hall (6th floor) Registration area or (3rd floor) Lydian Lounge.  Here are some during-the-move and after-the-move pictures of the 6th floor SOUTH evacuation.  Now it is a ghost town ready to be renovated.  There will be demolition, new carpeting, new windows, new heating, and painting going on with ultimately a new unisex toilet room after the renovation.

Beginning the week of April 19, 2015 – the entire 6th floor SOUTH hallway will be partitioned off to make way for construction – remember, this will be a hard-hat initiative so safety first.

DURING-MOVE-PHOTOS of 6th floor SOUTH hallway and offices

6 Moving day III6 Moving day I 6 Moving day II



 AFTER-MOVE-PHOTOS of 6th floor SOUTH hallway and offices

614 MT 6 SOUTH hallway 6 SOUTH hall MT


Week of April 5 through April 10, 2015

Finally, the windows being installed! First up – Westside stairwells.  (1st, 2nd, and final installed picture)

Window Install in Stairwell IWindow Install in Stairwell III Window Install in Stairwell II

7th floor wall frames being installed – drywalls and windows to follow –

7th floor wall framing I7th floor wall framing II7th floor wall framing III

7th floor SOUTH view of framing for drywall later.  (BELOW)

7th floor wall framing IV



Week of March 29, 2015 through April 4, 2015

Future home of our New Penthouse to house mechanicals and HVAC on the North of the Wieboldt Hall roof (LEFT: North view ;  RIGHT: South view)

Roof North view IRoof South view I

Materials for our Windows for the 7th and 8th Floors- ready to be installed! (wow! and these do not include the 6th floor windows yet)

7th and 8th Windows Lot I7th and 8th Windows Lot II




March 16, 2015 – Steel beams and Window lifts on Sunday March 15, 2015

Here are videos of the Second Crane pick into Wieboldt Hall.  This time, the Steel beams are only for the 8th floors.  This time the steel was lifted up to our building roof and not onto the 7th floor.  Sorry, I only have video for the steel beam lifts and not the windows. Windows were delivered via the elevators so those were boring videos.

The 2nd steel beam lift was for the 8th floor steel.  These beams are to reinforce the existing structures that are exposed now. See the exposed steel on the 8th floor below and the beam(s) to be installed.  There are roughly about TEN (10) steel beams to be installed and then once installed, concrete will be used to pour to encapsulate the steel for further strength.

Steel beams to be installed on 8th floor

Steel beams to be installed on 8th floor More

Windows and materials are for the 7th and 8th floors. (images below)  We still have not gotten a firm delivery date for our 6th floor windows.  The 6th floor windows delivery date will drive the evacuation date of the south hallway of the 6th floor.  There will be some movement of personnel from the 6th floor SOUTH hallway during Spring break but not the massive move as once anticipated.  Continue to empty and throw out unwanted items and paper from your work areas into the large Trash bins located around the 6th floor South hallways.  More details will follow as information becomes available.

7th FL Windows 2 b installed A LOT 7th FL SOUTH win 2 b installed


March 13, 2015 – Wieboldt Hall Steel beam lifts and March 15, 2015 – Sunday’s 2nd Crane Lift planned

Below is a bird’s-eye view of Wieboldt hall Chicago Avenue.  The Green lines is two lanes (one lane each way) with flaggers to direct traffic.  The Red lines are red-tape areas where the steel beams and windows will be picked from the truck and hoisted up to the 7th floor of Wieboldt Hall.  The Orange lines is the outline of the Crane to be used for the lifting.  wbt_6_south_1@northwestern.edu_20150313_083049

The steel beams are already being put into place.  Check out the picture and video below.  The “red” looking steel beam is installed on the 7th floor for supporting our dividing walls for the classrooms located on the NORTHEAST side of the building. The dividing walls will be attached to these steel beams and when needed, the dividing walls will be raised up to open up the northeast corner of the 7th floor large conference/events assembly area.

7th floor STEEL beams installed


The steel beams delivered on March 7, 2015 are already installed. Check out the picture below. Notice the Green colored hand crank (background) that lifts the steel beams into place and later to be welded. Remember, these beams are to support the new penthouse construct on the NORTH end of Wieboldt Hall on the roof. The steel beams below are installed on the 8th floor. Little time was wasted after the first crane pick of Steel beams from March 7, 2015 because of anticipation for our March 15, 2015 Sunday crane lift.

8th floor STEEL beams installed


March 9, 2015 – Crane lift on Saturday on Chicago Avenue

Here are pictures of the March 7, 2015 Saturday Crane picks on Chicago Avenue in front of Wieboldt Hall.  Strangely, there was a lot of traffic that day on Chicago Avenue with a lot of activity inside our building as well.  Flaggers managed to handle the vehicular traffic, with minimal disruption to the crane picks.  Pedestrians were curious to see why there was a 100 ft crane outside our building (as was I, so here are some pictures from my vantage points)    The pictures and videos of this monumental event includes outside and rarely seen INSIDE footage of the steel as it is loaded off the truck and into the building.

Ahh, what a site to see in person, this does not get old. Similar to our Phase I renovation where steel beams were hoisted up to construct a penthouse on the SOUTH roof of Wieboldt hall, these steel beams had to be hoisted up from Chicago Avenue and ultimately construct an additional penthouse onto the NORTH side of the Wieboldt hall roof.  Here are snippets of images from Saturday’s crane lift –

(NOTE: The installation of steel will take place all this week and will continue for the next three to four weeks on the seventh and eighth floors.)

Crane outside WH

Steel Truck outside WH

Crane and Steel truck outside WH

ALL of the Steel beams below into the target window on the SEVENTH floor of Wieboldt (BELOW)

Target Window Zoom Out Target Window

The Steel beams are hoisted off the truck BELOW to the target windows (ABOVE) – check it out (And we’re OFF!)…

Steel lift off truck

Steel lift off truck II

Steel lift off truck III

Steel lift off truck V

Steel lifft Zoom

Steel lift off truck VII

The videos were too large to fit into ONE video shot, so here they are in TWO video parts.


An exclusive look at INSIDE Wieboldt hall as the steel is unloaded from the Crane. (Below)



And that’s how it’s done . . .

The BOTTOM image is the remaining steel bars for the Eighth floor reinforcement of the Penthouse.

8th floor steel



March 6, 2015 – Wieboldt Hall update and reminder

The Chicago Avenue street (NORTH) of Wieboldt Hall will have a canopy and flaggers for our Saturday (Mar. 7, 2015) Crane lift of steel and windows.  There will be people flagging and redirecting (if necessary), pedestrian and vehicular traffic beginning at 8am.  Check out our built canopy on the Chicago Avenue entrance. (See below).  If you need to be on Chicago Avenue near Wieboldt Hall on Saturday March 7, 2015, plan accordingly.

WH Chicago Ave canopy

Eighth Floor update – This image marks the beginning of the windows testing for air and water pressures.  Our vendor, Building Blocks who supplies the Marvin windows will be testing a sample window prior to installation.  These tests were performed Thursday March 5, 2015 in preparation for the window delivery Saturday.   BTW, the window delivery and installations will begin on the SEVENTH and EIGHTH floors first.  SIXTH Floor windows will be scheduled when the weather warms up a bit more.

Eighth floor window test

 March 5, 2015 – Eighth floor facing NORTH – The snapshot below shows a snipit of the progress of the eighth floor.  The wall on the right of the picture will be demo’ed and the left walls will remain.  Ceiling work continues as windows and steel will be installed to the NORTH side.  (In the picture below, we are standing in the SOUTH corridor (where offices will be) and facing Northward.).



March 4, 2015 – Wieboldt Hall 7th floor and Abbott Hall 3rd floor updates

Great News! Our NEW Marvin Windows for the 7th and 8th floor will arrive by March 9, 2015 Monday! There will be staging of these windows on various areas within Wieboldt hall.  In anticipation for the installations of the 7th and 8th floor windows, beginning today Wednesday March 4, 2015, a canopy (on the Chicago Avenue side) will be installed to protect all pedestrians.

A large Crane will be placed on the Chicago Avenue side on Saturday March 7, 2015 to hoist the windows onto the 7th and 8th floors this weekend and someone will be directing traffic at this time.  On Saturday March 14, 2015 (yes, one week later), there will be another Crane lift for Steel to be lifted to the 8th floor.  For those non-believers we got city permission: here is page ONE of our permit from the City of Chicago for the Crane lifts:

City of Chgo Crane Permit


in OTHER Updates:

7th floor ceiling work continues with additional air ducts (heat) and piping (life safety, water, electrical).  We are standing in the North hallway of the 7th floor and facing south of the building while looking upward.

7th facing South

The copper piping of the 7th floor toilets are here; this will be the future home of the NEW mens and womens restrooms! (Yeah, for those who do not know, there were never any toilet rooms on the 7th floor)

7th toilet rooms

The 7th floor SOUTH half is coming along with a lot of ceiling work.  This will continue for a while – for those unfortunate souls who are in the Wieboldt hall building (we all know who we are), the drilling and the banging you are hearing is part of this mix.

7th floor SOUTH

Abbott Hall update:
ArchIdeas architects are interviewing the Distance Learning and Recruitment team to discuss workspace needs for the move from 105 W. Adams street to the 3rd floor of Abbott hall. Nothing is concrete yet so stay tuned.


February 19, 2015 – Wieboldt Hall 6th floor update

Here are BEFORE and AFTER images of our kitchen construction on the SIXTH Floor.  The copper piping is for water.  That is the final piping necessary to feed the 7th floor.  We should be allowed back into 603, 602, and 601 soon (we were promised by end of February 2015) so we can begin our next phase.  (Evacuation of the Sixth floor SOUTH offices around SPS either somewhere within Wieboldt Hall, Abbott Hall, 105 Adams, 405 Church, or 1801 Maple – YIKES! – c’mon folks, work with me on the spaces around town – my office will be under construction too.)

(BEFORE piping images LEFT;  AFTER piping images RIGHT)

6th kitchen B4 6th kitchen after

February 18, 2015 – Wieboldt Hall 7th and 8th floor update

The 7th Floor ceiling work continues with HVAC and duct (SILVER colored) work along with life safety pipes (RED colored) and electrical piping (silver colored).

 7th floor south ceiling7th ceiling looking south II


The 8th Floor Reinforced Steel will be used to support the new penthouse mechanical room.  The exposed steel girders will be further reinforced with concrete and new steel.  See the exposed Steel girders below on the West Wall (BELOW).  The new steel will be delivered sometime in March 2015. Chicago avenue will be shut down when this delivery happens.

Eighth WEST wall steelEighth WEST closeup Steel

January 28, 2015 – Wieboldt Hall 7th floor update

The banging and loud crashing sounds heard from the 7th floor is the removal of the old radiators on the 7th floor.  We’ve told the contractors to not drop the discarded radiators onto the floors.  here are some pictures of this monumental event.

7th NE corner 7th floor EAST 7th NW corner

January 27, 2015 – Abbott Hall 3rd floor update

The RFP (request for proposals) were accepted and reviewed by NU Facilities Planning and Design (NUFP&D).  As you are aware from the January 14, 2015 blog, there were three (3) architectural firms involved in bidding for the Abbott Hall 3rd floor renovation.  The firms were: Bailey-Edward; Archideas Inc.; and Griskelis, Young, Harrell Architect.  These firms will assist in renovating Abbott hall 3rd floor prior to our move-in in October 2015 of this year.  NUFP&D has awarded the Abbott Hall 3rd floor contract to…..DRUM ROLL….. Archideas Inc.

Archideas’ past project experience on the Northwestern campus includes:

  • a 17,900 SF office space renovation  at 1800 Sherman (swing space for the current Kresge Hall renovation)
  • a 2,300 SF office space renovation for University Accounts Payable department
  • a 13,900 SF office space renovation for University Relations department


January 20, 2015 – Wieboldt hall floor updates

Eighth  (8th) floor – Concrete roof removal (called decap) and installation of steel beams to support the new Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) units, will begin once approval is given from the structural engineers.  As you may recall, the eighth floor currently has all the HVAC fans and mechanicals inside a room directly off the stairwell on this floor.  All of these items will be relocated onto the roof and enclosed.

Seventh (7th) floor – Plumbing, ventilation, and wall layouts are currently in progress.  We will finally have restrooms on the 7th floor (ya!)

Sixth (6th) floor – Plumbing, air duct installation, and continued demolition is still in progress.  We anticipate the 6th floor work to continue through the end of January.  The plumbing is for the 7th floor restrooms and the air ducts will be for the new HVAC systems being installed for the building.  As the construction continues, the kitchen on the 6th floor will remain open as these air ducts are installed.  (Note: No need for hardhats or safety glasses.)


January 16, 2015 – Wieboldt Hall Windows – 1st Look!

Discussions this week during our weekly contractor meetings, we spoke about the new Windows.  These are exactly the same type of windows from our Phase One renovation of Wieboldt Hall – from Marvin. (see photo below)

Windows Marvin login

The full windows will be installed in Wieboldt Hall on the Eighth (8th), Seventh (7th), and Sixth (6th) floors.   As the windows orders are fulfilled and shipped, we will be scheduling window installation with everyone currently on the 6th floor – (Note: Not in this chilly climate; during warmer weather)  More information will be forthcoming as it becomes available.   For now, check out the quarter cut-outs of these windows below.  (LEFT sample: Inside appearance of window; RIGHT sample: Outside appearance of window)

Windows Inside Windows Outside

To get a better look – perhaps when you are on the Chicago Campus, go to the Wieboldt Hall building and go to the 4th and 5th floors inside the classrooms and/or from the outside of the Wieboldt Hall building, simply look-up.


January 14, 2015 – Abbott Hall 3rd floor update

We were able to get out a RFP (request for proposal) from THREE (3) architect firms to bid on the renovation of Abbott Hall 3rd floor for our future space. These firms are located in Chicago and all have done work for NU in the past.  The firms are: Bailey-Edward; Archideas Inc.; and Griskelis, Young, Harrell Architect.  All bids are due this Friday January 16, 2015 from the firms and a firm will be selected the following week.

As a side note and you may already be aware, the architect firm of Bailey-Edward is currently working on our Wieboldt Hall renovation.

As a reminder, here is the Abbott Hall 3rd floor space that will ultimately be renovated. (Click on the URL below to see the overview of the space OR click onto the image to expand the overview.)

Overview of Abbott Hall 3rd floor Landscape2


January 7, 2015 – 8th FL photo updates

Truly an exciting time for 2015 as the construction continues this year until the Fall 2015 quarter begins.  We are expecting to move out of our Clark/Adams 16th floor classrooms into the newly renovated Wieboldt Hall 7th floor classrooms.  These pictures below may not look like much; however, the plans are in place and we are on schedule.

Temporary supporting beams (called shoring (rhymes with snoring)) beams are in place on both the 7th and 8th floors to add additional insurance until additional supporting i-beams can be added to the ceilings of each floor.

(8th FL Views – (LEFT – Looking NORTH; CENTER – Looking SOUTH; RIGHT-in Elevator Lobby))

8th FL looking N 8th FL looking S from N 8th FL Lobby

(7th FL Views – (BELOW LEFT- Panoramic View from Elevator Lobby (double-click pictures to expand); BELOW RIGHT – Looking SOUTH)

7th FL Panoramic from Lobby7th FL looking S


The 6th (SIXTH) floor will be done simultaneously (i.e. demolition; window replacement; abatement; re-carpeting; and adding furniture).  While we do all of the aforementioned, we will be evacuating everyone from the SOUTH half of the elevators of the SIXTH floor to various areas within the School (TBD).  We will be working closely with direct Supervisors and Managers to assign workspace for all staff as this work will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to complete and we expect to begin sometime by the end of March 2015.  Critical files and computers can be relocated prior to the construction.  We see that remote access into existing computers may also be an option during the construction.

December 18, 2014 – HOT water shutdown

On Monday December 22, 2014 beginning at 6am until 10pm, there will not be any HOT water running on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors of Wieboldt Hall.  Cold Water flow will not be impacted.

December 15, 2015 – Wieboldt Hall elevator shutdown REMINDER . . .

As a reminder. . . .
During December 24 Wednesday through Monday December 29, 2014, BOTH central elevator cabs will be shut down for critical life-safety checks, inspections, and power maintenance. These will insure that the elevators are able to sustain people and weight requirements during material transport.
If you are expecting guests in Wieboldt Hall, it is expected for those who need to access the 6th floor (faculty, students, staff, visitors) during Dec. 24 through Dec. 29 (Wed. through Mon.), to take the South Wieboldt Hall elevators located near the Superior Street entrance up to the 4th floor and then take the stairwell to the 6th floor.
We apologize for this major inconvenience, this time schedule was the only extended time available that would impact the least number of occupants because both elevator cabs are needed to be off-line simultaneously.


December 11, 2014 – 6th Floor and 7th Floor Wieboldt Hall photo updates.

The HVAC are being worked on along with the 6th floor duct work in room 601, 602, 603, & 604 ceilings.  The general contractor is tell us that the 6th floor ceiling work which includes duct work, lighting, and water pipe will be completed by the end of this month (December).   Attached are photos taken of the 6th floor ceiling work (special thanks to staff for these).

(ALL THREE BELOW: 601, 603 Ceiling Work)

Dec 8 601 602 603 ceiling III Dec 8 601 602 603 ceiling Dec 8 601 602 603 ceiling II


The 7th floor work is progressing onto Ceiling Work.  (see attached photos)

(RIGHT: Looking NORTH from the South hallway corridor;  LEFT: Looking SOUTH from the North corridor)

Looking North from SOUTH Hallway Looking South from NORTH hallway

(BELOW: NorthEast corner of 7th floor where the Large – divisible classroom will ultimately be)

7th NE corner


December 8, 2014 – Weiboldt Hall JackHammering Tuesday December 9, 2014 (12-09-2014)

A heads-up from Ragner Benson (RB) that there will be very LOUD jackhammering on the 7th floor before the 9am hour.   Activities should cease by 9am.  This is the next phase of the demolition – as anticipated, jackhammers are required.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


December 5, 2014 – Wieboldt Hall update and more

 – NEW REVISED DATES for Elevator Shutdown!! Please Read Carefully

During December 24 Wednesday through Monday December 29, 2014, BOTH central elevator cabs will be shutdown for critical life-safety checks,  inspections, and power maintenance.  These will insure that the elevators are able to sustain people and weight requirements during material transport.  It is expected that those who need to access the 6th floor (faculty, students, staff, visitors) during Dec. 24 through Dec. 29 (Wed. through Mon.), to take the South Wieboldt Hall elevators located near the Superior Street entrance up to the 4th floor and then take the stairwell to the 6th floor.

We apologize for this major inconvenience, this time schedule was the only extended time available that would impact the least number of occupants because both elevator cabs are needed to be off-line simultaneously.  More information will follow as it becomes available.

Rooms 601, 602, 603, & part of the kitchen (604) are under construction.  There are ceiling vents that extend upward on the 6th floor (Northwest quadrant) up to the 7th and 8th floors that are required to be removed.  The Admissions staff has kindly relocated into the Registration Area (room 612) for the duration of December (Thank You!).  (Pictures of the demolition of these rooms.

Room 603 Ceiling (LEFT); Room 601 Ceiling (CENTER); Vents removed from rooms 601, 602, 603 (RIGHT)

603 Ceiling601 Ceiling601 2 3 4 vents

Oh, before I forget, here is what the removal sounded like…. you gotta listen to the entire 16 seconds to actually hear the drill taking a pause at the end…wow, finally.



December 1, 2014 – Wieboldt Hall Seventh (7th) floor demolition update and other moves

For those who did not know, the Admissions department is now in room 612 (Registration area) for the month of December 2014.   This was necessary to do work on the HVAC vents in the ceilings on the 6th floor.  We apologize for the inconvenience – that was the bad news.  The good news is that Ragner Benson wanted to close our kitchen to do the work on the HVAC also…WHAT?! no coffee, no water, no tea, no fridge?!  I told them no and that any work on the HVAC vents on the ceiling of the kitchen will have to be done with the kitchen open.

These pictures of destruction are from the field – Seventh (7th) floor Wieboldt Hall.   As you can see, progress is moving quite nicely as the debris is cleared out.  The jackhammering will intensify over the next weeks as the light demolition is concluding.  Have we forgotten about the pounding… don’t worry, I won’t let you forget….Yikes!

Check out the recent pictures below.

Seventh (7th) Floor in Elevator Lobby looking SOUTH (BELOW)

Seventh Looking South from Elev Lobby

Seventh (7th) Floor in Elevator Lobby looking NORTH (BELOW)

Seventh Looking North from Elev Lobby

Seventh (7th) Floor in Elevator Lobby (Panoramic view BELOW)

7th Panoramic from Elev Lobby


November 25, 2015 – Demolition update

Ragner Benson has now completed the demolition of the 8th floor and is making good progress on the 7th floor demolition.  The 7th floor has become unrecognizable with no walls or carpeting.  Take a look below.

While standing in Elevator Lobby facing the SOUTH of building (BELOW)

7th floor facing South from Elevator Lobby

While coming directly off of elevators in Lobby (room 717; what’s left of room 717 BELOW)

facing room 717

While standing in North hallway and facing SOUTH (BELOW)

Facing South standing in north hallway

While standing in North hallway facing NORTHWEST  (BELOW)

North hallway facing NW

While standing in North hallway facing NORTH (BELOW)

Facing North standing in north hallway


For those who are not here in the building and for those who will be out on the Thanksgiving Holiday break, here is a gentle reminder called “The Sounds of Progress”.

This first sound-bite is the hammering that the Wieboldt occupants are enduring daily.  I did say there would be noise…. In case you were wondering, this is light because the heavy jack-hammering hasn’t begun yet.

The second sound-bite is the powered water hose with the background shoveling of debris for disposal.  Somewhat sounds like someone trying to start a car engine then shoveling their car out from six feet of snow…

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.


November 20, 2014 – 8th floor demolition ……so far

A couple more composite shots of the demolition on the 8th floor posted below.  Notice the plastics have been removed from the walls and we can now see through the remains of the “hallways”.  That was quick, huh?  Going to the weekly NU, General Contractor, Architect, Trades meeting to discuss the 6th floor South demolition and more.  Remember these photos were 7th and 8th floors only.  We will do minor 6th floor SOUTH demolition also, so stay tuned for news on these temporary moves and seating assignments.  (There will be swing spaces either here in Wieboldt Hall, 405 Church Street, 105 Adams, or Abbott Hall- 3rd floor.)  Stay tuned.

This first (BELOW) is looking SOUTH from the 8th FL North Hallway. (click on the pictures below to open up an image on a new windows to view)

8th Pan looking South from N HW

This second shot (BELOW) is the 8th FL elevator lobby. (click on the pictures below to open up an image on a new windows to view)

8th Pan Lobby

Again, I’d like to thank the staff for taking these panoramic photos above.  The 8th (EIGHTH) floor was restricted to all including ourselves over the last couple of days because of debris removal but somehow we worked the magic and got these for your viewing pleasure.


Week of November 17, 2014 demolition…… so far

There has been considerable progress made on the demolition.  As we arrived on the upper floors of Wieboldt Hall, we noticed there is a lot of junk and debris on the floors.  Boyscout rule applies here:  “Leave the place BETTER than when you found it…”  I think this will be case when Ragner-Benson is done.

DEMOLITION Junk on floorDEMOLITION Junk on floor2DEMOLITION Junk on floor4

DEMOLITION Junk on floor3


Access to these floors are somewhat restricted even for us.  So thanks the staff who took multiple angles and videos with our smartphones and cameras, here is one more composite shot-  (Can you identify which way you are facing?)

Week of Nov 17 2014 demo


November 14, 2014 – 7th and 8th floor progress videos

(BELOW) 7th floor – Beginning from SOUTH Hallway walking through to NORTH Hallway

(BELOW) 8th floor – Beginning from SOUTH Hallway walking through to NORTH Hallway


November 12, 2014 – Wieboldt Hall 7th & 8th floors DEMOLITION and North elevator News

Elevator REMINDER: during December 24 Wednesday through Sunday December 28, 2014, BOTH central elevator cabs will be shutdown for critical life-safety checks,  inspections, and power maintenance.  These will insure that the elevators are able to sustain people  and weight requirements during material transport.  There will be further updates and notifications as the December dates draws closer.  It is expected that those who need to access the 6th floor (faculty, students, staff, visitors) during Dec. 24 through Dec. 28 (Wed. through Sun.), to take the South Wieboldt Hall elevators located near the Superior Street entrance up to the 4th floor and then take the stairwell to the 6th floor.

We apologize for this major inconvenience, this time schedule was the only extended time available that would impact the least number of occupants because both elevator cabs are needed to be off-line simultaneously.

7th & 8th Floor DEMOLITION: Here are some progress photos of the current status of the demolition of Wieboldt Hall 7th and 8th floors.  Remember, only Authorized Personnel are permitted onto these floors.  (So, if you happen to get “lost” and wander onto these floors, you will need a hardhat and safety glasses.)

(7th floor -(LEFT) hallway facing south; (CENTER) hallway facing north; (RIGHT) rooms 703, 704, 703abcd with no walls)

Facing South on 7th FL Facing North on 7th Fl703 abcd 704

(7th floor -(LEFT) room 720; (CENTER) room 717; (RIGHT) room 727)



(7th floor -(LEFT) room 725; (CENTER) LOBBY; (RIGHT) room 705)

725main hallway facing NORTH705


(8th floor -(LEFT) In North hall facing WEST; (CENTER) rooms 801, 802, 803, 804; (RIGHT) In North hallway facing south)

In 8th NORTH hallway facing WEST stairwell801 802 803 804In 8th NORTH hallway facing south

The demolition of 7th & 8th floors were preliminary as there will be louder jackhammering done in weeks to come.  The thunderous claps will shake the very foundations of Wieboldt Hall to its very core…(Just kidding- there will be noise though).


November 7, 2014 – Wieboldt Hall 7th and 8th floor updates

Immediately following the Building Permit approval, Ragner Benson (RB) wasted little time in doing demolition on these floors.  If you are on the 6th floor of Wieboldt Hall, you may experience louder than normal sounds coming from the 7th floor for the next several weeks.

In the meantime, here are some new photos of what remains of the 7th and 8th floors so far.

Seven (7th) floor (Inside room 717; facing SOUTH classrooms; Lobby)

room 7177th facing SOUTH hallway7th Demo LOBBY

Seven (7th) floor (North hallway facing WEST; Main hallway facing SOUTH)

7th NORTH hallway facing WEST7th hallway Super desk

Eight (8th) floor (Looking NORTH in South Hallway; Main Lobby; Looking SOUTH from North Hallway)

8th floor facing NORTH in SOUTH hallway8th Floor Demo Lobby8th FL looking SOUTH in NORTH hallway

Once again, as long as these floors are under construction, Safety Glasses and Hardhats are REQUIRED.  Authorized personnel are expected to be in these areas only.  Here are my safety glasses and hardhat – I am now an honorary member of Ragner Benson Construction – for those who do not know, this is a Turner Construction hardhat from the Wieboldt Hall renovation phase one back from 2006… renew, reuse, recycle ….right?

BTW, we are going for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Certification this time as we did achieve LEED GOLD Certification last time.

Hardhat and Glasses


November 5, 2014 – Permit application update and more

The Commission on Chicago Landmarks offices have approved our building permit application late last week.  Bailey Edwards (BE) was able to pickup the actual building permit so Ragner Benson (RB) can begin with some minor demolition on the 7th and 8th floors (this month and into December of 2014) then move into the south hallway of the 6th floor (approximately sometime in early 2015). Check out the Building Permit on the link below – Yay!


The buildings north elevators; if you do not know, has plywood protection installed as these will remain for the duration of the renovation to protect the interior of the elevator cabs.  These elevators will be used to transfer construction materials onto the 6th, 7th, and 8th floors when needed.

During December 24 Wednesday through Sunday December 28, 2014, BOTH central elevator cabs will be shutdown for critical life-safety checks,  inspections, and power maintenance.  These will insure that the elevators are able to sustain people  and weight requirements during material transport.  There will be further updates and notifications as the December dates draws closer.  It is expected that those who need to access the 6th floor (faculty, students, staff, visitors) during Dec. 24 through Dec. 28 (Wed. through Sun.), to take the South Wieboldt Hall elevators located near the Superior Street entrance up to the 4th floor and then take the stairwell to the 6th floor.

We apologize for this major inconvenience, this time schedule was the only extended time available that would impact the least number of occupants because both elevator cabs are needed to be off-line simultaneously.

(As a side note that you may or may not know, the 6th floor south hallway will be experiencing a minor facelift along with the full renovation of the 7th and 8th floors.  6th floor South hallway plans include new carpeting, new common area finishes, a unisex restroom and new more efficient lighting.  The ENTIRE 6th floor will be getting new window upgrades and new radiators.)


October 28, 2014 – Renovation updates

There has not been any word of today from the Commission on Chicago Landmarks offices about our building permit; however, that does not mean no progress has been made within Wieboldt Hall – As you walk up the stairwells or even take the central elevators upstairs to either the 7th or 8th floors (remember though : only Authorized Personnel should be on these floors – through great peril to ourselves and with the assistance of modern day technology – we are able to get you these images!),  you will be greeted with these “HardHat” Signs.

HardHat sign IIElev Lobby Hardhat

Ragner Benson has begun taking down and removing lighting and other interior fixtures as we await our permit application approval – as these types of removals do not require any permits (per City ordinance).

SEVENTH Floor (South hallway; Main lobby; South of lobby respectively)

7th south hall7th lobby7th north hall

EIGHTH Floor (North hallway; Main lobby; South hallway respectively)

8th north 8th lobby 8th south

For those who have forgotten, let’s take a reminiscent walk through the hallways of Wieboldt Hall 7th and 8th floors prior to any renovation.

As Bailey Edwards and Ragner Benson Construction have been checking in daily with the Commission’s office, there should be word soon about our permit application.  These updates and others will be posted as more information becomes available.


October 21, 2014 – Renovation and Signage updates

The City of Chicago commissioners has moved our building permit application for our Wieboldt Hall renovation to the Commission on Chicago Landmark offices since Northwestern University’s Chicago Campus Buildings (3 buildings) were approved for landmark status in September 2014 that includes Wieboldt hall.  (see this article: http://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/dcd/provdrs/hist/news/2014/jul/landmark-district-p-roposed-on-northwestern-university-s-chicago.html)

Ward, Wieboldt, and Levy Mayer buildings are part of this Landmark District designation.   The Wieboldt Hall renovation will involve replacement of windows and an installation of a new mechanical room penthouse on the roof and the Commission on Chicago Landmarks offices wanted to review the permit application.  Our general contractor (Ragner Benson) and architects (Bailey Edwards) have been in contact with the City of Chicago to expedite approval and will let us know once the permit application becomes approved.  More information will follow as details become available.

Last but not least, this picture is one of three signs located at 1840 Oak Avenue in Evanston for our Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) program that has been updated. This is from one of the classrooms and I have to say, this looks marvelous!

1840 Oak Ave Second FLOOR inside

October 20, 2014 – Signage updates

Our SPS name now appears at 1801 Maple- 1st floor along with the Center for Public Safety logo! For those who have not seen it, here is a glimpse!

1801 Maple new sign

Our SPS name can also be seen along the hallways of Wieboldt Hall.  These are located on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors.  These same brass signs will be placed onto the 7th and 8th floors once these floors are renovated.  Take a look here or when you find yourself roaming the halls of Wieboldt, check them out.

WH hallway 5


October 10, 2014 – Abbott update and Signage update

As we settle into Abbott Hall 3rd floor, some logistical items to be aware of.  Once on the 3rd floor there is phone and directory to find anyone inside on this floor.


If no one answers, you may also ring the doorbell, we’ve captured the sound of the doorbell.  Have a listen.


October 1, 2014 – Signage update

There are new signs posted on the 1st floor of Wieboldt Hall 1st floor lobby and the Wieboldt Hall Classrooms (4th and 5th FL). These signs reflect our new name change from SCS to SPS. Not every classroom and hallway is complete; i.e. 105 Adams 16th floor classrooms, 1801 Maple 1st floor signage, 1840 Oak Avenue 2nd floor classroom signage, and the large brass signs in the hallways of Wieboldt Hall will be installed once fabrication is completed.

Other known third party signage such as the ones located on the street of Fairbanks Avenue in Chicago are still being discussed with Northwestern University Facilities Management and Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Additional information will be posted as more details become available.

WH Lobby signage I Class signage


September 22, 2014 – Update of Renovation to SPS Community –

With the initial Wieboldt Hall moves completed on September 18 and 19, 2014, the next phase of our Wieboldt Hall building renovation begins. Remember that various departments have been relocated from Wieboldt to different areas or even into different buildings and these moves are for approximately one year beginning September 2014 till September 2015.

Over the past fiscal year (FY14), in addition to the planning of the Wieboldt Hall building renovation, there were many requests for facilities services ranging from a thrilling assortment of wall hangings to classroom and office climate requests, insect and animal control, de-construction and construction noises from both our Chicago and Evanston campuses. Not to forget, there were also many vibrant conversations and many inspiring new changes along the way; (i.e. our signage changes to reflect our new School name – The School of Professional Studies (SPS)).

FY14 had more than 870+ facilities and facilities related requests received through the Facilities and Management Information System (FAMIS), phone calls, emails, or ticketing system (HESK). (i.e. 520+ FAMIS requests, 240 room requests, 111 SPS facilities trouble requests). While all requests received may not have been completed yet, the Office of Risk Management and Facilities Management are our partners in assisting SPS in our review such as ergonomics and accommodations requests, so resolutions may take longer – be assured, all reasonable requests received are thoroughly reviewed and all are important.

As we began our fiscal year (FY15) and soon to begin our fall academic year, we look forward to continue receiving your facilities related requests for facilities services within the SPS Community. The demolition and reconstruction of our Wieboldt Hall classrooms (7th floor) and staff spaces (8th floor) will begin sometime in the fall to last approximately one year. The south side of the 6th floor spaces will also be getting a modest upgrade and redesign of the floor spaces (June) with the goal of maximizing workspace, energy efficiency, and new interior surroundings.

All the interior design samples and swatches have been presented to us by the architectural firm of Bailey Edwards with the help of Northwestern Facilities Management; we were able to identify the best suited finishing of carpeting and walls to fit into the existing décor.  These swatches are posted on our renovation website and displayed in Wieboldt Hall.

The next major step in the renovation will be asbestos abatement of the seventh (7th) and eighth (8th) floors that has yet to be scheduled. During abatement, both the 7th and 8th floors will be restricted to authorized personnel only. Feel free to check the SPS renovation website (renovation.sps.northwestern.edu) and your email inboxes as information becomes available.

As we look forward towards the end of this fiscal year (FY15) and into the beginning of next fiscal year (FY16), Abbott Hall 3rd floor will be renovated once again, for our 105 W. Adams (16th floor LOOP building) staff. There will be an opportunity for all those who will be relocating to Abbott Hall 3rd floor to have input into these work areas as a survey and request for information (RFI) will be requested from all stakeholders of the future Abbott Hall 3rd large floor area (Eastside of floor).

In the meantime, let’s appreciate the beginning of this academic and fiscal year so far, it is an exciting time for SPS – new name, new look, new places, as our new spaces will be ready before we know it.


September 19, 2014 – Wieboldt Hall Renovation update –

There are new poster boards located on the 1st and 6th floors of Wieboldt Hall of the selected interior design swatches given from our architectural firm of Bailey-Edwards. These are small samples and colors for the ceiling, walls, tiles, carpet squares, and woodwork prepared for each floor that the renovation willtouch. While a picture shows a lot, there’s nothing like touching them – so stop on by the Wieboldt Hall Lobby or 6th floor lobby and touch them for yourself.

Wieboldt Hall Swatches (BELOW): 6th Floor (LEFT); 7th Floor (CENTER); 8th Floor (RIGHT)

Wieboldt Hall Swatches 6th FLWieboldt Hall Swatches 7thWieboldt Hall Swatches 8th



September 18, 2014 – Abbott Hall Move update –

While the move of the remaining staff offices today from Wieboldt Hall 7th floor is not fully complete, here are some photos to see the progress.

  Abbott Hall move in I

Abbott Hall 3FL move day 2Abbott Hall 3FL workspace Finance


September 17, 2014 – Abbott Hall 3rd Floor move Reminder…

The Finance Department will be moving to Abbott Hall 3rd floor on Thursday September 18, 2014.
OLLI will be moving to Wieboldt Hall 4th floor on Thursday September 18, 2014.

Once moved, Facilities Management is looking to begin Asbestos Abatement on the 7th and 8th floors of Wieboldt Hall.  No exact date of the abatement given yet.  Stay tuned for updates here as they become available.


September 16, 2014 – Abbott Hall 3rd Floor move Part II.

Mark your calendars, Part II of Abbott Hall move has been scheduled for Thursday September 18, 2014.  At this time, the Finance department and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) will be moving.  The Finance department will be moving into Abbott Hall 3rd floor while OLLI will be moving to Wieboldt Hall fourth (4th) floor room 403.  Stay tuned for further details.


September 12, 2014 – School of Professional Studies (SPS) signage – For those who may or may not have noticed, there has been a lot of new signs going up around our School to reflect our new name change.  More new SPS signage to come!   In case you missed them, here are a few samples:

SPS BannerLarge WH first floorWH SIXTH floor2 Banners at Front405 Blk


September 5, 2014 – Abbott Hall Move Day Part One-

General Conference Room (Below);

AH Conf

UnderGraduate Office Areas (Below);


Information Technologies Office Space (Below);


TriQuarterly Office Space (Below);



Friday September 5, 2014 – Wieboldt Hall Move Day Part One –

The first part of our move out of Wieboldt Hall is complete.
There are punch-list items that are in progress. Updates to the website will be made as the information becomes available.

Abbott Hall…. SPS has arrived!!


September 4, 2014 – Wieboldt Hall move update

As a reminder, Friday September 5, 2014 will begin the first moves from Wieboldt Hall into Abbott Hall 3rd Floor.
The moves will occur during normal business hours beginning with the Tri-Quarterly Journal Office and Undergraduate Offices located on the 8th floors.  The Information Technologies Offices from the 7th and 8th floors will also be moving into Abbott Hall 3rd Floor.

As a note: Walk-in support for any faculty, staff, and students with technology questions will be uninterrupted and still remain available in Wieboldt Hall room 415 (computer lab) during this transition or by calling x3-3333.


August 29, 2014 – Wieboldt Hall 7th and 8th floor moves for Week of September 3 through September 15, 2014

Abbott Hall 3rd floor is finally ready for move in! These are tentatively confirmed to move from Wieboldt Hall 7th/8th floors.

  • On September 5, 2014 Friday – TriQuarterly Office, UnderGraduate Offices, and the I.T. department will move onto Abbott Hall 3rd floor
  • The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) will be moving onto the 4th floor of Wieboldt Hall on the week of September 15, 2014 Friday
  • On the week of September 15 – Finance/Administration will move onto Abbott Hall 3rd floor

Prior to leaving the current offices for the evening, or earlier, box-up and tag all furniture, fixtures, and computers in anticipation of the move dates.


August 28, 2014 – Newly painted and re-carpted Abbott Hall 3rd floor video


August 25, 2014 – Wieboldt Hall renovation update

The General Contractor for the Wieboldt Hall renovation has been awarded to Ragner Benson Construction company.  They have been on the Northwestern University campus both Evanston and Chicago campuses and have been doing renovation for the greater university for quite a number of years.  Pre-construction meetings are being scheduled in preparation for demolition of the 7th and 8th floors of Wieboldt Hall.  (More to come as details become available).

Our official partner movers for those moving from Wieboldt Hall 7th and 8th floor areas has been identified as Allied Van Lines (Rebe Storage & Moving Co., Inc.).   Boxes and stickers can be ordered directly from Sachin Patel s-patelk@northwestern.edu.   All furniture that you would like to move with you to your swing space (space permitting) should be tagged with either a Post-It note or the Rebe Mover sticker (whichever is available) with your name printed on that Post-It note or Rebe Movers sticker onto that furniture piece.  (Remember, the swing spaces will be for a one year time frame).  Computers will also be moved by Rebe Movers.   Anticipated move is scheduled tentatively for the week of September 3, 2014 through September 5, 2014.


August 21, 2014- Abbott Hall 3rd FL update

Abbott Hall 3rd Floor renovation is behind schedule.  The original target move date was for the mid to end of August 2014 for occupancy.  Newly installed carpeting, repainted walls, newly installed windows, and new data/voice lines have been completed; however, several other items were not completed.   Items that remain are:

  • Air conditioning windows units were not installed (approx 8 units remain uninstalled)
  • Men and Women’s restroom toilets, stalls, and sinks require more cleaning
  • All network data jacks require activations

The newly projected move-in date is for the week of September 3 through 5, 2014.  Stay tuned for more updates.


July 15, 2014 – Interior design materials for the 7th and 8th floor of Wieboldt Hall

7th floor carpeting and more  7th floor interiors (carpeting, walls, accents, etc.) 8th floor carpeting and more 8th floor interiors (carpeting, hallway, etc.)


July 3, 2014 – A new Wieboldt Hall 7th floor Student Lounge Artist Rendering



July 2, 2014 – Wieboldt and Abbott Hall update:

Facilities Management Planning, Design, and Construction Department (FM-PDC) has updated me late yesterday evening that the build out permits for the Wieboldt Hall project from the City of Chicago is taking longer than anticipated. The updated construction timeline of Wieboldt Hall and the move into swing spaces (Abbott Hall 3rd floor and other areas) has been revised to begin in mid-August 2014.

In the interim, our official partner movers for those moving from Wieboldt Hall 7th and 8th floor areas has been identified as Allied Van Lines (Rebe Storage & Moving Co., Inc.).  These movers will also be providing boxes and stickers for all who require boxes for this upcoming move.  All furniture that you would like to move with you to your swing space (space permitting) should be tagged with either a Post-It note or the Rebe Mover sticker (whichever is available) with your name printed on that Post-It note or Rebe Movers sticker onto that furniture piece.  (Remember, the swing spaces will be for a one year time frame)

Moreover, the general contractors (Turner Construction; Ragner Benson Construction, LLC; Bulley and Andrews, LLC; and WB Olsen, Inc.) have completed their bids for the Construction Design documents for Wieboldt Hall and the last contractor have submitted their bid today (July 2, 2014).  FM-PDC has not reviewed the submitted bids yet.


July 1, 2014 – Wieboldt Hall trash containers:

In anticipation of the Wieboldt Hall renovation, there are large trash collection bins in the hallways of Wieboldt Hall 7th and 8th floors. These bins are for paper and trash collection only and not electronics. For obsolete or unwanted electronics as well as boxes for packing please contact SCS-IT at 1-312-503-3333 and select option one (1) and someone can assist you with recycling your electronics and/or bring boxes for packing (just let the staff member know the number of boxes you may think you require).

June 24, 2014 – Wieboldt and Abbott Hall updates:
General Contractors have been contacted and invited by Northwestern University’s Facilities Management (NU-FM) department and Bailey Edwards Architect firm to come bid for our Wieboldt Hall renovation. The interested construction firms are Turner Construction; Ragner Benson Construction, LLC; Bulley and Andrews, LLC; and WB Olsen, Inc.
The General Contractors’ expected responses to our project with their bids are due by June 30, 2014.

Abbott Hall 3rd floor renovation continues to take shape for our swing space move. Electricians and other trades were spotted pulling necessary wiring for voice and data requirements per the scope of work from NU-FM. Janitorial services will come out thereafter once the all wiring has been completed to deep clean this area. Stay tuned for further updates as they become available, will be posted on our renovation URL below and in further email announcements.


June 10, 2014 – Abbott Hall Chicago 3rd Floor (Scope of Work) – A detailed electrical scope of work layout is attached for Abbott Hall Chicago 3rd floor space.   All GREEN items are data/voice/electric installations to be completed by NU or NU-contracted electricians.  

As a reminder: This area is Swing Space for those currently on the 7th & 8th Floors of Wieboldt Hall who will be displaced by the upcoming renovation (areas of: Finance & Administration, I.T., Undergrad, and Tri-Quarterly).   Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI-Chicago) and Faisal Akkawi will be relocated to the fourth (4th) floor of Wieboldt Hall.  Professional Development Programs (PDP) have been relocated to the Clark/Adams building on the 16th floor.

Abbott Hall 3rd floor Scope of Work <=Click to enlarge layout


June 4, 2014 – Abbott Hall Chicago 3rd Floor Virtual Tour: Pre-Construction Layout

Abbott Hall overview with arrows resized  <= Use this Abbott Hall Chicago 3rd Floor layout as a directional guide.  Start your tour on the left side of the layout picture at the BLUE X.  Follow the line down the corridors as that is the path of the virtual tour video below. (Reminder: This is a pre-construction and pre-renovation preview)

[kad_vimeo url=”https://vimeo.com/97259528″ ]


June 3, 2014 – Wieboldt Hall Chicago Campus Building Proposed for Landmark Status :

Northwestern University announced today that several Chicago Campus Buildings, including Wieboldt Hall, has been proposed for landmark status.  According to Facilities Management Planning, the current renovation of Wieboldt Hall would have no impact on this landmark status proposal.  To read more about the landmark status story, click onto the URL:  http://www.northwestern.edu/newscenter/stories/2014/06/chicago-campus-buildings-proposed-for-landmark-status.html

Below, you will also find:

Wieboldt Hall : 7th floor layout after construction- 7th floor WH overview <=click here for larger image

Wieboldt Hall: 8th floor layout after construction – 8th floor WH overview <=click here for larger image


May 30, 2014 –Artist Renderings of Wieboldt Hall 7th & 8th floors after renovation

(Click onto pictures for a larger view)

Wieboldt Hall 8th floor main lobby:                                 8th Floor Lobby

Wieboldt Hall 7th floor NORTH lobby view:                 7th floor Lobby NORTH view

Wieboldt Hall 7th floor NORTH hallway and lobby : 7th floor NORTH hallway view

Wieboldt Hall 7th floor SOUTH hallway view:            7th floor SOUTH hallway view



Hello and Welcome to the Wieboldt Hall and Abbott Hall renovation update page.
Check back periodically to see updates to Wieboldt Hall and Abbott Hall renovations.


Wieboldt Hall

May 29, 2014 – Abbott Hall – 3rd floor bird’s eye view :

Abbott Hall 3rd floor Landscape2 <=Click Here for Abbott Hall 3rd floor full layout

Abbott Hall partial view<=Click Here for Abbott Hall 3rd floor partial layout

Between the weeks of June 30 through July 14, 2014, the Finance Team, members of the Information Technologies (I.T.) Team, the offices of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) in Chicago, the Tri-Quarterly Office in Chicago, and members of the Undergraduate (UG) Team will be moving into Swing (temporary) Spaces in anticipation of the Phase II Wieboldt Hall renovation of the 7th and 8th floors.

A portion of the Third Floor (3rd FL) of Abbott Hall on the Chicago Campus has been allocated for SCS use for swing space.  The Finance Team, members of the I.T. Team, the Tri-Quarterly Office, and members of the UG Team will be moving temporarily into Abbott Hall 3rd floor for approximately one year as the renovation of Wieboldt Hall 7th and 8th floors begin in a mid July 2014 timeframe.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute will be relocated onto the Fourth Floor (4th FL) of Wieboldt Hall.