August 2017: Information Technology updates

Beginning January 2018, a responsive web design will be launched.  In full collaboration with the SPS Marketing department, the SPS website will have and “under the hood” overhaul and become responsive.  This means that the new web design will be flexible to recognize any screen, browser, or device type that is used to browse our site.

WebEx is coming! What is WebEx – inquiry minds want to know?  Northwestern has agreed to this campus-wide web conferencing service.  We currently use Adobe Connect or Blue Jeans for our information sessions or online courses.  Beginning in the Spring of 2018, WebEx will be fully integrated into Canvas for faculty, students, and staff to use for online courses.  For more information on WebEx services, click onto the URL =>

Another new service introduced is Spark, powered by Cisco.  This service is a team meeting and messaging videoconferencing platform to share content, post messages, and meet online with anyone from anywhere on any device.  For more information on Spark services, click onto the URL =>